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Designer Fabrics and Materials

Designer clothing and accessories - they come in all kinds of styles, colors and fabrics, depending on their intended wear. As expected, the style and fabric will most often determine the occasion where you will wear them.

Designer clothing and accessories tends to be made from the finest of materials including genuine leather, cashmere, pure wool and silk. Silk, one of the most luxurious of all fabrics can come in the form of chiffon, charmeuse, raw silk, taffeta and more. Any silk fabric that you wear on your body will feel fabulous on your skin - along with being completely breathable.. More casual clothes are often made from cottons, linens and soft jerseys.

  • Chiffon

    Chiffon - Just the name chiffon makes me think of Paris and beautiful women. The lightweight sheer flowing fabric is oh, so feminine. And if used in the design and manufacture of a designer clothing item, you know it is for the ever feminine woman. The woman wearing chiffon wants to look flirty, feminine and oh so pretty - like a light breeze over the ocean.

    You may find some designers who use chiffon for a light lining or over skirt on their clothes. Because chiffon is so light and airy, it provides softness and a low heat factor with little added bulk.

    If you want to see the height of angelic femininity, check out some of the chiffon clothes by designer Alberta Ferretti.

  • Silk

    Similar to chiffon, silk tends to be very lightweight although usually it is a little heavier than chiffon. Having said that, silk can range in weight and texture from very lightweight to a silk charmeuse which can be quite a bit heavier in fabric weight. You can find clothes in silk which are stand alone pieces - unlike a chiffon clothing item. Raw silk is another type of silk which is the perfect weight for a tailored clothing item. It has a stiffness to it that allows for a perfect tailoring and fit.

    Most silk clothes would be considered more on the formal side of clothing iteming. The fabric look, feel and texture of silk speaks more formal. However, depending on the designers eye for design, you may find silk clothes in styles which are much more casual in nature. As clothing design becomes much more open, many designers find newness in using juxtaposition of a formal fabric with a casual design. For example, a summer romper styled clothing item is definitely a casual clothing item. The same romper clothing item made with 100% silk takes the clothing item to a different level where it can be worn just as easily with a pair of gladiator sandals for a summer lunch or clothing item it up with some heels and some big bling jewelry for a night out on the town.

  • Denim

    Denim clothes - the ultimate in casual. Well, most people have owned or own a denim jean clothing item - at least one or two. (I know I still have one from my teenage years - a classic jean clothing item style - and I love the wear and tear it shows - and it is all natural.)

    Even designers cannot stay away from the classic jean designs. There are slight modifications made to it to make it their own but, the basics for the most part, remain consistent. Cropped styling, front pockets, large metal buttons, banded bottom and collars are all steadies in the designer jean jacket design department.

  • Leather

    I can talk about the properties of leather but, if you are looking for a leather clothing item, you are definitely a certain type of woman who is looking to make a statement. And that statement is likely, I am confident, I am sexy and I would like some attention please! Leather, also a natural fabric or fiber, is made from different animal skins. It can be dyed just about any color and can be quite expensive. However, if you are looking for a long lasting fabric, leather is definitely at the top of the list for the longest lasting. Because it is a natural fabric, it is also breathable and does have some stretch. So, if you choose a tight fitting leather clothing item, after wearing it a few times, it will form fit to your body.

  • Poplin

    Poplin is a somewhat stiff fabric. It does not have the characteristic drape and flow of a silk charmeuse or polyester crepe.

  • Crepe

    Drapey, flowy and a bit weighty is how I would describe crepe. Crepe describes the texture of the fabric and not so much the type of fiber within the fabric. The fabric texture of crepe is almost like small bumps on the top of the fabric without it being lumpy. Crepe can be man made polyester or it can be made with silk. Many beautiful flowing clothes are made with crepe due to it's weighty flowy characteristics.

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  • Cotton

    Cotton, probably the most known and common fabric of them all, ranges in texture, weight and durability. It is a completely natural fiber which is grown, picked and then woven into a cotton fabric. For example, denim is most often made with a majority of cotton fibers. These days, many denim or jean designers add some lycra or spandex to the blend for added stretch - which allows for great comfort and the absolute perfect fit to your body. You probably own many t-shirts made with soft and durable cotton. Your bed sheets may be made with 100% egyptian cotton. Your undergarments may be fabricated with cotton. So from heavy duty denim to lightweight undergarments (bras and panties), cotton is a versatile and comfortable fabric. And it is not just for tshirts and basics. There are definitely luxury cottons available - such as the Egyptian cotton items or pima cotton clothing.

    Cotton clothes are made to be comfortable. Breathable natural fibers like cotton make perfect fabric for summer rompers and lightweight summer clothes.

  • Sateen

    A shined up, slightly stiff version of cotton, sateen is one of the more luxurious cottons made. The fibers are woven very tightly together to produce a dense, but still medium weight cotton. There is also a sheen added to the fabric which makes is more formal - not a formal formal fabric but, a clothing item done in a sateen fabric could be worn to a casual summer garden wedding or a family get together in your backyard. clothes in sateen are especially nice for very hot weather when you want to look just a bit clothing itemed up - like for a Saturday lunch with your girlfriends.

  • Viscose

    Viscose is a higher end version of rayon. It is a man made fabric made up of natural fibers - like wood pulp. Even though it is man made, because it is made from natural fibers, it is breathable and hence, very comfortable in hot and humid weather. It is very lightweight and is perfect for drapey flowing skirt portions of midi or maxi clothes. It is also perfect for a short romper on a hot summer day.

  • Rayon

    Similar to viscose, rayon is very popular due to it's light weight and breathability. Short clothes or even long maxi-clothes look great done in rayon or viscose as the fabric is very flowing.

  • Lace

    Ladies looking lovely in lace - that is what I always say when I see a woman clothing itemed in lace. Lace is ultra feminine and can be sexy at the same time due to it's open weave - which can allow some see thru. Choose a clothing item or romper in lace for a extremely feminine, sexy and formal look.

  • Embroidered

    Is embroidered fabric really a fabric type? It can be. It is not about the fiber type but, more about the end product fabric which the clothing item is made from. An embroidered clothing item simply means that the clothing item will be embellished with some sort of raised stitching. It could be a part of the fabric itself with allover embroidery or it could be a strategically embroidered pattern or design. Either way, when you involve embroidery, you imply designer details. Any time there is an embroidered applique or all over embroidered fabric, the cost goes up too as it is very expensive to produce either one applique or the allover embroidered fabric.


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