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Designer Colors

What color of clothing are you? Well maybe that is not exactly the question you were expecting...how about, what color of clothing do you see yourself in?

Because clothes come in various colors, you have a wide variety to choose from. Depending on your occasion, you can choose from a completely all black clothing item for a formal occasion to a light blue denim clothing article, perfect for your day off out shopping with your girl friends. Or you may have a summer casual wedding to attend and you would like to sport a colorful clothing article or gown in orange or the trendy color of the season, coral. How about a camouflage (or camo) clothing article for a fun night on the town with some friends. If you are a retro kind of girl, you may opt for the ever adorable and hip polka dots in a clothing article. How cute would that be? Pick your clothing article color and pattern of choice and shop away. These days you are likely to find exactly the style and color you are looking for.

Check out our generic colors here. Our designer colors are below.

Now, for the designer gals out there who are very particular about their colors, check out this list of clothing colors. You will find many designer color names - I suppose, it is appropriate to have designer colors for designer clothing and designer accessories - for designer women, of course.

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